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Photographing people requires respect and comprehension. The same is true for nature and animals.

To me aesthetics is a constant language, not a variable.

Imagining a project and pursuing it persistently is not suitable to me. I think, on the contrary, that remaining ‘receptive’, curious, and attentive, gives us the opportunity to perceive what happens around us.

The project is so in constant evolution. It reshapes and develops at the same time. It involves, modifies, and offers us a new perspective, talking through our images.

I therefore imagined there always is an initial ‘void’, a sort of blank paper on which we can write. We go through places that make up our travel, get in touch with new realities, meet up with men and the spaces they live in, and finally end up on a higher, abstract level, richer in new experiences and back again to the initial meditative dimension. And so forth.

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