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"I believe that starting from a blank slate helps create a void and let what happens around us in"

Edoardo Miola was born in Genoa, Italy.


Architect from 1979, photographer, he primarily does reportage photography, and holds photography workshops and exhibitions all over the world.

Since 1972, Edoardo travels extensively and appreciates a “slow wandering” as the true essence of knowledge and discovery.


I believe that an initial blank slate helps have an internal ‘void’ to let what happens around us in.

A fundamental part of my research is waiting: if you stay still, sooner or later something happens to be observed by my eyes and be told by my camera.

In that very moment, the photographer disappears, becomes almost invisible.

Waiting fills the void and triggers improvisation, even though I believe that “one does not improvise by 


chance but chance helps improvise.

Like in music, we know the techniques, know the songs, move around them and improvise.


I like my photography to represent nature, peoples, situations that I come across along my path, not as an anthropologist or a traditional reporter.

I am in fact interested in the emotions that every time fill my voids, and that I can share with whom observes my shots.



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